Discounts for fans! 

The Indian restaurant "Talk of the Town" has prepared a gift for those who actively support their teams at the World Cup.

The restaurant offers a 25% discount on all menu positions* upon presentation of a Fan ID from 11 June to 15 July 2018!

The "Talk of the Town" team wishes the strongest to get the FIFA Cup 2018!!!

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Indian food: Gosht, a meat curry. 

The concept of "gosht" in Indian cooking is applicable to the dishes made of well-boiled meat. This ingredient is very popular in the North of India, where the cuisine developed under the influence of Persian culinary traditions.

In Farsi "gosht" means "meat" or "flesh", and usually refers to goat meat. In India gosht is usually prepared from goat meat as well, but there is an option of mutton. When Indian dishes gained popularity in the West, cooks began to make gosht of lamb, as it is more common in the UK.

The restaurant "Talk of the Town" offers four types of gosht: with okra (Bhindi Gosht), with spinach (Saag Gosht), with black pepper (Kali Mirch ka Gosht), and Achari Gosht of lamb in a spicy sauce "achar". 

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Indian dish. History of creation: Mulligatawny, an English soup in Tamil style.  

Mulligatawny is a traditional Tamil Nadu spicy soup, which recipe is similar to another popular South Indian soup "rasam".

There are two Tamil words in its name: "milagay" or "milagu" – pepper and "tanni" – water, i.e. in a literal translation "mulligatawny" means "pepper water". For the first time this was written by William Kitchener, a famous English inventor and author of a cookbook "The Cook's Oracle" (1817) . Mulligatawny increasing popularity in England was also noted in the mid-nineteenth century. The displays of restaurants and cafes of that time were full of the name of this dish, which was also replaced by "curry soup", more familiar for locals.

At the same time, Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert introduced a new lite version of mulligatawny in his book of recipes. A little later, the British added meat to it, which made this dish even more nourishing.

The Indian restaurant "Talk of the Town" presents mulligatawny cooked by an original recipe of lentils with cream and coconut milk. 

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Indian flatbreads naan, roti and kulcha: what is the difference? 

Bread is an integral part of the human diet, so it is difficult to imagine any cuisine that would not have this food. However, due to different circumstances, bread is baked differently in different countries, and in some parts of the world, such as in India, it is distributed in the form of cakes: roti, naan, kulcha and paratha. If the last has already been discussed in this blog, the differences between the other traditional Indian flatbreads will be seen in this article.

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Indian dishes: "Rogan Josh" - the highlight of Kashmir cuisine. 

Kashmiri cuisine has evolved over hundreds of years, basing on the culinary traditions of Buddhists, Muslims and Brahman — Pandits. During the reign of the conqueror Timur, Persian features began to dominate in the cuisine of Kashmir. Today, the most common lamb dishes have about 30 options of preparation.

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