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Indian dishes: "Aloo Chaat", a popular Indian street food. 

"Aoo Chaat" is a version of an Indian street food common in North India, Pakistan and West Bengal. However, the dish is not only an easy snack; it also can be served as a side dish. "Aloo Chaat" is not less popular than American French fries. 

The word "aloo" is translated from Hindi as "potatoes" and the word "chaat" is derived from “chatna” (or “chutney”) which stands for “taste”. Thus, chutney is a traditional Indian type of sauces that are used for highlighting the taste of the main course. Sour-sweet and delicious, they contain "masala chaat", a mixture of different herbs with tamarind.

In the Indian restaurant “Talk Of The Town”, in addition to "Aloo Chaat" (potatoes with "masala chaat" spices) is presented an original dish of chickpeas called "Kabuli Channa Chaat", which is also worth a try! 

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