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Indian dishes: Traditional bean dish "Dal". 

Dal is a traditional vegetarian dish common in the Indian subcontinent. It is cooked of dried pulses such as red lentils, urad beans, chickpeas and peas. It is noteworthy that these beans are split. That is why they are called "Dal": the word dal can be translated from Sanskrit as "to break" or "to split". Also the term "dal" is contrasted with the term "gram" used for whole grained pulses.

To prepare dal it is necessary to boil beans and mix them with a special fried gravy "chaunk" (you may also find other variants of it, like "tadka" or "tarka"). Each region has its own recipe of this gravy, which is reflected in the taste diversity. The most common variant includes seeds of cumin, asafoetida, fenugreek, mustard, red chili pepper and ginger. After preparing the mixture, the chaunk is poured onto the beans. 

The menu of the Indian restaurant "Talk of the Town" offers two options of dal: "Tadka Dal" of lentil topped with cumin, and "Dal Bukhara" of five pulses varieties stewed in milk with ground. We recommend you to try both of them with "basmati" rice or traditional Indian bread (naan, roti, paratha and kulcha)

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