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Indian food: "Chapli Kebab" spicy Peshawari cutlets. 

Mughlai cuisine influenced significantly on the development of cookery in South Asian countries. "Chapli Kebab" is made of minced chicken with spices and vegetables, cooked in the form of cutlets according to an old recipe from the Pakistani province of Peshawar.

According to one version, the word "chapli" can be translated as an adjective "flat" from the language of the Pashtuns. This is reflected on the shape of the kebabs. According to another one, the name of the dish comes from the name of the Peshawar plain national shoes "chappal", as their front shape was similar to a form of "Chapli Kebab".

It is worth to mention that there are about 2,000 restaurants and cafes, which serve "Chapli Kebab" in Peshawar. Moreover, it became so popular that now it can be found in the menu of almost any restaurant in India, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

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