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Indian dishes: Crunchy pancakes from South. 

Dosa is a common dish of South Indian cuisine. It is somewhat thin and crunchy pancakes, which are usually made of lentil and rice flour, but there are also variants of semolina ("rawa dosa"). According to historians, the first dosa recipes appeared in the town of Udupi, Karnataka state. However, after the opening of the first South Indian restaurant in New Delhi in the early 30s, dosas became popular among the inhabitants of the Northern regions of the country.

Dosa is a daily dish for the people of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. They are taken instead of bread or as side dish to curry.

Talk of the Town menu has eight varieties of dosas, both with toppings and without. They are served with sambar and coconut sauce. In addition, we recommend trying dosas along with curry dishes. You will be sure to like it! 

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