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Halal quality. 

The “Talk of the Town” restaurant uses only certified Halal poultry and lamb meat for its dishes! It goes without saying, there are plenty of reasons for it.

First, Russia and India are multicultural and multi-religious countries. In India, up to 13% of the whole population are Muslims. In this religion, foods are divided into "Haram" (forbidden for consumption) and "Halal" (permitted for consumption). There is a set of rules to define what is allowed or not. A special role is given to the ritual of animal killing also. To ensure that meat was permitted for consumption, the animal should not experience fear, pain and suffering, and before the very process, it is necessarily to say a special prayer to the God.

Second, the certificate of "Halal" confirms the control over the compliance with hygiene rules: reliable information about animal health, animal feeding with only natural food without GMOs and growth hormones. Moreover, the animal's blood is removed almost completely from the body, which prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria in fresh meat and makes its taste subtle and pleasant. 

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