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A journey to India: Holi — a colorful celebration of spring. 

Tomorrow India celebrates Holi, a spring festival. This colorful event is famous all over the world and is especially popular among young people! Let us see why.

Holi is one of the oldest festivals of India. The first mentions about it can be found in ancient Sanskrit texts and sacred Scriptures. However, it is impossible to say about its origin with certainty. This festival has overgrown with its legends, as well as everything that has a long and rich history.

According to one of them, the holiday got its name after Holika, who was a sister of a mythical king Hiranyakashipu. When his son Prahlada started to worship the Lord Viṣhṇu, Hiranyakashipu ordered his sister to kill him on the funeral pyre. With the ability to pass through the fire unharmed, Holika entered the fire with the child. Prahlada began to pray to Viṣhṇu and was saved, but Holika died. Simply she did not know that she had her ability to persist fire only in one case: when she entered alone.

In addition, it is believed that once Lord Shiva got angry with the God of love Kamadeva and thus killed him by burning with his third eye. After a while, Kamadeva was reborn as a son of Krishna, and now the Hindus worship Kamadeva when Holi, giving him mango flowers and sandalwood paste a gift.

During the Holi celebrations there are several customs. First, people make fires and burn the effigy of Holika there, and second, they sprinkle each other with colored powder. The Hindus believe that the more colors remain on clothes and body, the more good wishes were sent to his or her address, and the happier life will be.

Yet, during the spring festival, it is also customary to take a traditional drink "Lassi"! Therefore, the team of Indian restaurant “Talk of the Town” wishes you happiness and good luck, and invites you for the real Indian Lassi with mango and other flavors

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