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How to say "thank you" in Hindi.

11th of January is International Thank You day, therefore Talk of the Town decided to give few "thank you" words in Hindi to know.

In India there are several ways to thank:

Formal "thank you" - "dhanyavaad" (धन्यवाद्) and "abhari hun" (आभारी हुँ).The first is the most common way to express gratitude and highlight your appreciation. It can also be used during business negotiations and with elder people. It sounds like "thun-yuh-vod"."Abhari hun" can be translated as "I am grateful", but it sounds like "oob-ha-dee hoon" (as R is close to D in its sound).

Informal "thank you" - "shukriyaa" (शुक्रिया) and "thainkyu" (थैंक्यू)."Shukriyaa" can be used for friends and relatives. It should be pronounced like "shook-dee-ah". The "thainkyu" variant is taken from English and therefore is considered even less formal than the previous one.

Just to note: add the word "bahut" (बहुत) in front of "dhanyavaad" and "shukriyaa" to express more gratitude. It sounds like a "buh-HUT".  

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