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Indian dishes: "Idli sambar" and "Sambar vada", any difference? 

What's the difference between "Idli sambar" and "Sambar vada"? In fact, they are three different dishes that can be served together. And there is no mistake - exactly three dishes.

Sambar is a traditional South Indian sauce from lentils with vegetables and spices. It is usually served as a side dish to rice and other Indian dishes.

Vada is like a well-known donut, but only spicy. In India, vadas are taken for breakfast or as a snack. In Talk of the Town vadas are made of peas and are served with sambar and chutney sauce.

"Idli" are small steam dumplings of rice and peas, which are also taken for breakfast. In addition, idli is a classic garnish of South Indian cuisine. Idlis are usually eaten with a coconut sauce and sambar.  

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