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Indian cuisine: Traditional Indian snack "samosa". 

Samosa means very popular small triangular pies with fillings. In North India, you can find them on every corner as well as tortillas, poori and chapati.

Traditionally, samosa is stuffed with vegetable or meat. For example, there are two options for samosas in the menu of Talk of the Town: "keema" and "vegetable" – with lamb and potato filling. These pies are good as snacks to have a bite, though usually they are served with tea or as a garnish to meat dishes.

One interesting fact to note: there are rice pies which are very similar to the Indian samosas in the traditional cuisines of many peoples of Central Asia. The Kyrgyz and the Uzbeks call them “samsa”, the Tajik have “sambusa”, the Kazakhs – “kyurma-samsa” and “samsa from tandyr”. The reason is that the recipe of samosa was brought to India in the 13th century from Central Asia, and has been found in many stories of travelers and poets of those times. 

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