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Three stereotypes about Indian cuisine. 

This world is full of stereotypes, those false judgments, which sometimes prevent people from knowing him better by forming wrong opinion. Stereotypes influenced Indian cuisine as well. Very spicy, too fatty, nothing but "curry" all these associations arise first for a person who has never tried Indian dishes. In this article, we will debunk three popular myths about Indian cuisine

Indian dishes do contain many spices. However, this does not mean that all of them (exception is chili pepper) make meals spicy. Indian cuisine is an ancient art of various spices combination, which possess with useful properties. Moreover, not every dish is rich with spices. For thousands of years unique recipes had been appearing and the taste of the main ingredient have become underscored delicately by only one spice. 

All the claims about too fatty Indian dishes are also not entirely true. First, the amount of oil as well as spices can always vary up to the taste. Second, a number of key dishes do not contain oil at all! Such dishes are usually baked, stewed, boiled, steamed or smoked in "Tandoor", a special clay oven. 

As a rule, the word "curry" is a synonym to "Indian cuisine" and any set of spices for Indian dishes. In fact, all the most common cooking spice mixtures are called "garam masala". They are added to the dishes along with other spices to enhance their taste and aroma. Moreover, every housewife and cook has her or his own recipe of garam masala. 

Agree, now it is safe to say “no” to the stereotypes and go further towards something new! See you at the Indian restaurant “Talk Of The Town”! 

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