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Indian cuisine: Curry, a spice, a sauce, a dish — 3 in 1. 

Many people in Russia do not know what curry is. In most cases, it correlates either with a special seasoning, or with kind of a sauce.

There is a tropical plant Murraya Koenig. In India, it is also called Curry, and its leaves are used as spice, which is one of the ingredients of the eponymous seasoning.

Seasoning "Curry" is a mixture of spices based on a turmeric root. Usually in India, the blend is made of fresh spices before use. There is no single composition, as spices are selected up to the taste of a cook. In other countries, seasoning "Curry" is known as a form of a special dry powder for the sauce.

Curry is a collective name for spicy thick and liquid dishes of stewed vegetables or meat, which are usually eaten with rice and flat cakes. The term came from the Tamil language, where curry means "sauce". In the West, the word "curry" refers to any spicy South Asian dish prepared on a sauce.

It is noteworthy that curry in Japan appeared due to British sailors who, in their turn, took the recipes from the Indians.

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