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Indian flatbreads naan, roti and kulcha: what is the difference? 

Bread is an integral part of the human diet, so it is difficult to imagine any cuisine that would not have this food. However, due to different circumstances, bread is baked differently in different countries, and in some parts of the world, such as in India, it is distributed in the form of cakes: roti, naan, kulcha and paratha. If the last has already been discussed in this blog, the differences between the other traditional Indian flatbreads will be seen in this article.

Roti in Sanskrit means "bread", but also this kind of flat cakes has another name – chapati. They are made unleavened of stoneground whole meal flour “Atta”. In addition to India, roti are common in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia, Bangladesh, as well as in some parts of Africa, Fiji, Mauritius and the Caribbean.

Naan unlike roti is baked leavened, and its recipe first appeared in Persia (“nan” translated from Persian as "bread"). In General, these tandoori cakes look like pita. Naan is served hot and usually is brushed with butter. In addition, the Naas can be stuffed or not. For example, in Kashmir and Peshawar naans are made stuffed with nuts and raisins, in Amritsar – with potatoes, onions and spices. There is even a popular in America "naan pizza", which is baked not from the classic dough, but from naan crust.

Kulcha is a kind of naan from Punjab. It is baked from refined wheat flour "Maida" slightly leavened. Traditionally, kulcha was not stuffed and served with "curry" dishes, but recently Indian restaurants have begun to offer options with a variety of fillings.

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