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Indian food: "Jal Frezi" and Chinese way of cooking.

"Jal Frezi" is a curry dish where the main ingredient (meat, fish, paneer or vegetables) is stir-fried. Such cooking technique appeared in British India and introduced to the region by Chinese cuisine.

Stir-fry is a cooking method similar with saute: the ingredients are sliced and fried on a strong fire with a small amount of oil, constantly being stirred. This helps to preserve the products fresh, aromatic and useful.

A few interesting facts about Jal Frezi:

  1. The word "jhalpharezi" is derrived from colloquial Bengali, where "jhal" means spicy food, and "pharezi" stands for "suitable for a diet";
  2. In a survey (The Times of India and The Telegraph) "Jal Frezi" was rated the most popular dish in the UK in 2011;
  3. Everyone can enjoy the vegetable "Jal Frezi" in the Indian restaurant Talk of the Town in Moscow! 

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