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Indian food: Gosht, a meat curry.

The concept of "gosht" in Indian cooking is applicable to the dishes made of well-boiled meat. This ingredient is very popular in the North of India, where the cuisine developed under the influence of Persian culinary traditions.

In Farsi "gosht" means "meat" or "flesh", and usually refers to goat meat. In India gosht is usually prepared from goat meat as well, but there is an option of mutton. When Indian dishes gained popularity in the West, cooks began to make gosht of lamb, as it is more common in the UK.

The restaurant "Talk of the Town" offers four types of gosht: with okra (Bhindi Gosht), with spinach (Saag Gosht), with black pepper (Kali Mirch ka Gosht), and Achari Gosht of lamb in a spicy sauce "achar". 

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