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Christianity in India and the holiday of Easter. 

Christianity is the third largest religion in India. According to some reports, the number of Christians among Indians is not less than 5% of the total population. 

According to a legend, Christianity appeared in India in 52 due to Apostle Thomas, who founded the first Christian communities in Kerala. However, it is also believed that Christian merchants began to settle in Indian cities along the trade routes long before the arrival of Apostle Thomas. This was facilitated by the intensive development of trade with Central Asia, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The main period of Christianization fell on the colonization of the region after the expedition of Vasco da Gama in 1498. 

Currently, Christian communities exist in all regions of India, but most of them inhabit the South and the North-East of India. About 70% of the Indian Christians are Catholics.

Easter in India, like for all Christians, is one of the main religious holidays, which is celebrated and is carefully prepared to: believers attend Church and hold fast. For Easter people paint eggs and bake chocolate cakes, and then share them with family and friends. It is customary to give each other flowers and colorful lanterns, and to exchange greetings.

Happy Easter from the team “Talk of the Town”! 

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