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Cocktails: Gentle and sensual drinks vs. masculine! 

On the threshold of the 8th of March, the team of "Talk of the Town" has decided to make a selection of both femenine and masculine drinks, that are available in the bar menu.

  • Mojito is a very popular Cuban cocktail based on light rum and mint leaves. There is a non-alcoholic option as well;
  • Long Island Ice Tea is one of the biggest long-drinks and a unique taste of incongruous ingredients, originally from the times of American dry law. There is a non-alcoholic option as well;
  • Sex on the beach is a delicious, exclusively female cocktail, which is included to the category of "Modern Classics" upon the version of the International Association of bartenders;
  • Cosmopolitan is a trendy and yet traditional cocktail that has become popular throughout the world due to the "Sex and the City" TV series;
  • Piña colada is a national drink of Puerto Rico, for which authorship bartenders have being fighting for decades;
  • Margarita is a Mexican cocktail which secret lies in the combination of several different flavors of tequila, flower-fruit Cointreau and lemon juice.

  • Fiery cocktail "B-52" is a kind of heavy aviation in the world of drinks from American pilots of World War II;
  • Martini is a classic of all the times and a recharge for the legendary James Bond;
  • White Russian is a permanent companion of the main hero in "The Big Lebowski";
  • Manhattan - though it is served in a typical cocktail glass on a leg, its strength is not less of a shot with absinthe;
  • Bloody Mary is not only Ernest Hemingway's favorite cocktail, but also one of the most ways to meet a creeping hangover in all weapons.
We do not sell alcohol drinks to people below 18 and inform about harmful consequences of its exсessive consumption! 

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