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Spicy taste of the Andhra Pradesh cuisine! 

Andhra Pradesh, a region located in the South of India, is famous for its spicy dishes, which can be attributed to two types of local cuisine: "Andhra" and "Hyderabadi cuisine". It is worth noting that their development was greatly influenced by the Mughal cuisine, which is reflected in the number of spices and seasonings. Despite the huge variety of fruits and vegetables, the main ingredient is rice traditionally cooked with vegetables and legumes.

Mainly the people of Andhra Pradesh eat vegetarian meals. The only exception are coastal areas where cooking seafood is common. According to an ancient tradition, the food is served on banana leaves. In this case, the rice is seasoned with ghee and steamed vegetables, flat cakes or dosas and pea soup are added. 

For those wishing to explore the cuisine of Andhra Pradesh Indian restaurant “Talk Of The Town” had prepared a special dish called "Tamarind rice", i.e. rice cooked with tamarind, lentils and spices in the Andhra style. The dish goes well with curry and be sure you will like it! 

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