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Indian dish. History of creation: Mulligatawny, an English soup in Tamil style.  

Mulligatawny is a traditional Tamil Nadu spicy soup, which recipe is similar to another popular South Indian soup "rasam".

There are two Tamil words in its name: "milagay" or "milagu" – pepper and "tanni" – water, i.e. in a literal translation "mulligatawny" means "pepper water". For the first time this was written by William Kitchener, a famous English inventor and author of a cookbook "The Cook's Oracle" (1817) . Mulligatawny increasing popularity in England was also noted in the mid-nineteenth century. The displays of restaurants and cafes of that time were full of the name of this dish, which was also replaced by "curry soup", more familiar for locals.

At the same time, Arthur Robert Kenney-Herbert introduced a new lite version of mulligatawny in his book of recipes. A little later, the British added meat to it, which made this dish even more nourishing.

The Indian restaurant "Talk of the Town" presents mulligatawny cooked by an original recipe of lentils with cream and coconut milk. 

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