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Indian food: What is "murgh," and how to eat it? 

The word "murgh" (or "murghi") is translated from Hindi as "chicken". In General, this ingredient is widely spread in Indian cooking and is used in the most popular dishes. Chicken is marinated, fried in sauces, cooked on coals and battered; pilaf and cutlets are also done out of the chicken meat. The only feature of all these dishes is the presence of Indian herbs and spices. 

For example, "Butter Chicken", which is also called "Murgh Makhani", is served in a medium spicy curry sauce. Chicken pieces are marinated in a creamy sauce with the addition of different spices, which affects its severity. Then the meat is roasted in tandoor or on a pan. Butter and a paste of cashew nuts are for the "curry" sauce.

"Chicken Jalfrezi" can be attributed to Indo-Chinese cuisine. Marinated in spices meat is fried in sunflower oil with onions, cabbage, tomatoes and pepper. The dish turns out extremely spicy, so usually it is served with beer or some cream is added.

The famous "Tandoori Chicken" is the basis of many "curry" dishes. It is popular not only in India but also in Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Western countries. In short, the meat is marinated in yogurt and spices, then fried along with yogurt, and finally is put into tandoor or on the grill. 

These are just some examples of Indian "murghs", but, actually, there are a great many! 

In the menu of an Indian restaurant “Talk Of The Town” one may find chargrilled "Makhmali Murgh Kebab" (pieces of marinated chicken in a walnut-cream sauce), "Murgh Basil Tikka" (pieces of marinated chicken in yogurt with cashews and basil), and "Murgh Tikka Labaddar" curry in tomato sauce and "Murgh Makhan Masala" in a spicy tomato and cream sauce. 

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