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New Year in India. 

India has a record number of the New Year celebrations per a calendar year. Due to traditions and religious customs, every state has its "time of entering a new period". Tourists joke about it: "To continue with celebrations is enough to move from one state to another, travelling with the Indian New year."

The Indians have begun to celebrate traditional for the whole world New Year recently. Larger celebrations are held in Goa, a former Portuguese colony, and they are primarily associated with Catholic Christmas.

Lori is celebrated in North India from 13 to 14 January. People are making bonfires, around which rituals are performed. After that, all the guests are given baked corn and rice. Then comes the time of a kind of carols, when children visit their neighbors singing songs and begging for money or sweets.

According to the lunar calendar, New Year falls to the March-April period, and often is celebrated with much bigger scope than the traditional one. It is being called differently: Ugadi (or Yugadi), Gudi-Padva, Baisakhi, Vishu, Holi (the most striking and colorful of all the fests). Usually it falls on the day of the spring equinox at the end of March, but in some states, it is celebrated in mid-April with the real spring arrival. The fun lasts for several days, during which people are giving gifts to each other, they honor their gods, and organize costume carnivals. 

Some people believe the celebration of "Diwali" is the real New Year; others call it simply "autumnal" to distinguish it from the previous one in spring. This festival of fire and light is very colorful and bright: the streets are lit with thousands of candles and lanterns, and the sky is lit up with numerous fireworks to praise Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune. Unlike the traditional New Year, Diwali is considered more home, and is usually celebrated in the family circle.

Agree, the way people celebrate New Year in India, is celebrated nowhere else. Moreover, if we take the holidays in the solar calendar, Islamic New Year and Zoroastrian Nowruz, than India can be considered the most Christmas country on the planet!

The team of the Indian restaurant "Talk Of The Town" wishes you prosperity and good luck in the upcoming year. Mind, very soon the first blank page of a 365-page book entitled "2018" will be opened. Write a good one! 

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