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Indian food: Nihari, a popular Pakistani soup in India. 

Nihari is a national dish in Pakistan. However, according to some sources, the first recipe appeared in the late 18th century on the territory of one of the Imperial houses in Old Delhi during the reign of the Mughal dynasty. That is why this soup was popular among the inhabitants of the Muslim community. Its name was derived from the Arabic word "Nahar", which means "day", as Nihari was eaten after Fajr, the morning prayer.

In 1947, after the appearance of sovereign Pakistan, a large number of Muslims who speak Urdu and those living in the North of India, immigrated to the Pakistani city of Karachi and Dhaka (now the capital of Bangladesh). In their new homeland, they started to open their restaurants where the main dish was Nihari. Thus, the Muslims prefer it, and still it is considered a delicacy in Bangladesh. As well, it is good for boosting immunity, as Nihari helps to fight cold and sniffle.

The chef of the Indian restaurant "Talk Of The Town", located on Leninsky Prospekt, has its own recipe of Nihari, which is definitely worth trying! 

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