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Indian food: Indian snack "Pakoda". 

Pakoda or pakora is a type of fritters of fried dough with various fillings that are very common not only in Asia but also in England and in the United States.

It is believed that the name "pakora" comes from the Sanskrit "pakvavata" in which "pakva" meant "cooked" and "vata" was a "small bump". This fully describes the shape of the dish. It is also easy to guess about stuffing in these fritters: traditionally, the Indians add to the name what is inside. For example, you can try "Chicken Pakoda" with chicken or "Prawn Pakoda" with shrimps or "Chili Pakoda" with a spicy pepper in an Indian restaurant “Talk Of The Town”.

Also in some regions of India such as Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, it is more common to call pakodas "Bhaji" (for instance, "Onion Bhaji" is a fried dough with spices onion). 

Pakoda is usually served as an appetizer or a snack for tea "Masala". In the UK, this dish is considered as fast food, and it can be found in Indian and Pakistani restaurants and cafes. 

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