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Indian food: Cottage cheese "Paneer". 

Paneer is an essential attribute of Indian cooking. This is due not only to the simplicity of its preparation, but also versatility. It is a part of many Indian dishes, like salads, hot appetizers, curry dishes and desserts. The real "Paneer" cheese has a delicate sweet and sour curd flavor and contains a lot of nutrient materials and minerals. There is a perception that people, who eat paneer several times a week, have a strong nervous system and rarely get sick.

According to some sources, the word "paneer" is derived from the Persian language, and its recipe was handed over to the Indian, Afghan and Iranian travelers in the epoch of the ancient Kushan Empire. 

In our days, this popular Indian dish is actively introduced into the menu of the world's largest fast food networks. For example, Pizza Hut, Domino's and Papa John's make pizza with paneer. Indian Taco Bell has an original potato burrito with paneer. As for the legendary McDonald's, recently it has introduced its customers McSpicy Paneer! 

The menu of an Indian restaurant "Talk Of The Town" has classic paneer dishes: "Paneer Tikka" cooked in a traditional clay oven "Tandoor", vegetarian "Kadai Paneer", "Palak Paneer" and "Paneer Butter Masala", flat breads "Stuffed Kulcha" with paneer to choose from, as well as "Rasmalai" dessert with saffron and nuts! 

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