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Indian dishes: "Rogan Josh" - the highlight of Kashmir cuisine. 

Kashmiri cuisine has evolved over hundreds of years, basing on the culinary traditions of Buddhists, Muslims and Brahman — Pandits. During the reign of the conqueror Timur, Persian features began to dominate in the cuisine of Kashmir. Today, the most common lamb dishes have about 30 options of preparation.

Wazvan is favourite dish of Kashmiri Muslims. It usually consists of 36 separate dishes, while its cooking is an art with the key ingredient meat. Beans and lentils are never used. 

The cuisine of the Kashmiri Pandits is very different: there is a lot of yogurt, butter, turmeric, but there are no onions, garlic, tomatoes, and overall there are few chopped meat dishes. Although the Pandits came from the Brahmans, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are equally represented in their culinary traditions.

"Rogan Josh" is a visiting card of Kashmiri cuisine and a mandatory dish of Wazvan. There are several versions of the name origin. According to one, “roughan” is translated from Urdu as "a purified ghee", and “jusidan”, from which “josh” was formed, denoted the verbs "to cook" and "to stir". Meat (usually mutton or lamb) is stewed in ginger and garlic sauce with spices, and red chili pepper gives the dish a rich color.

To appreciate the Kashmiri dishes, Talk of the Town offers to taste traditional "Matton Rogan Josh", lamb under special curry sauce. 

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