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Christmas in India.  

Despite the majority of Hindus, Christmas in India, as in many countries of the world, is a public holiday, which is traditionally celebrated on the 25th of December. According to the statistics, there are 25 million of Christians in India, but some of the British traditions and religious freedom provide them an opportunity to celebrate one of the major religious holidays with equal panache. 

Christmas preparations start before a week. Houses are decorated with artificial fur-trees and colorful toys, doors and windows are covered with cotton wool instead of snow, banana and mango trees are hanged with traditional oil lamps, churches are decorated with red flowers and candles. The busiest time of Christmas gifts and souvenirs starts. 

The main celebrations fall on the 24th of December. On this, day people visit churches. The vigils are very important and they are held everywhere. At these worships, the parishioners sing Christmas songs, and the divine services are usually held in two languages: English and one of the national ones. 

The biggest Christmas celebration takes place in Goa as numerous communities of Indian Christians live there. Christmas beach parties traditionally attract tourists from around the world! 

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