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South Indian cuisine: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

South Indian cuisine includes variety from five South Indian states: Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.Cuisines of these states are similar in many ways, but are different at the same time. The similarities among them include the presence of rice and lentils as a staple food, chilies, coconut, and native fruits and vegetables. The main difference is the spiciness of the food, as well as some cereals.

The Andhra Pradesh cuisine is considered the most spicy due to the abundance of tamarind and chily pepper, and most of the dishes are based on lentils and vegetables. As for the meat dishes Hyderabadi biriyani is very common, which is a mixture of Mughlai and Iranian cuisines.

Karnataka is famous for its diversity and mild taste. Special palm sugar is used as a sweetener. For breakfast idli, vada and masala dosa are usually eaten. The locals believe that these dishes have originated in the temple streets of Udupi. 

Kerala's cuisine is deeply linked to history, culture, geography and demography of the state. It is has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from fish, poultry and meat. Since ancient times Kerala has been considered "Land of spices", because it used to be the main spices export center to Europe. Also, Kerala has a large share of coconut exports, so its dishes are difficult to imagine without this ingredient.

Most of the residents of Tamil Nadu are not vegetarian, but despite this statistics show the least meat consumption level. Traditionally, Tamils serve food on banana leaves, with most dishes mixed with rice. For breakfast here idlis, dosas are eaten, as well as rice with curd, rasam and sambar. In general, the Tamil dishes are spicy and not, and among drinks coffee and tea are the leaders. 

Telangana locals like eating dishes with roti. Main ingredients for vegetarian dishes are tomatoes, brinjals, bitter gourd and pulses. As for non-vegetarian dishes, here is given preference to lamb and the goat. Tamarind, red chilies and asafetida are predominantly used in Telangana cooking.

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