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Indian dishes. History of creation: Portuguese cuisine in the heart of Indian. 

Vindaloo is a popular spicy curry in the region of Konkan (Goa) and many other South Indian states.

Vindaloo appeared in India because of Portuguese sailors, who started to conquer the coast, in particular the province of Goa in the 16-th century. The name "vindaloo" derives from the Portuguese “Carne de vinha d’alhos”, which literally means “a meat in a garlic wine”. In those days, it was used as an edible stock during long journeys, and now is an essential attribute of the Christmas table in Madeira. Thus, Portuguese marinated in garlic and wine vinegar pork came to another part of the world, where its taste was enriched with Indian spices.

Nowadays, all restaurants in Goa offer traditional vindaloo with pork, but outside the state, there are more common other variations of dishes: with chicken and lamb. There are also mild vegetarian varieties of it. 

Some interesting facts about vindaloo:

1. The dish is widely known in Britain, where is considered the spiciest curry. This is contrary to the tradition of Goa cuisine, which is not too spicy, compared to other cuisines of India.

2. There is also a contradiction in the name of the dish: aloo means "potato" in Hindi, while there are no potatoes in the classic vindaloo recipe.

Indian restaurant Talk of the Town offers its guests vindaloo with chicken cooked in a curry sauce with onions, potatoes and red pepper. 

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