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Indian dishes: "Bhuna Lamb", a hot spicy and meaty appetizer. 

"Bhuna Lamb" is pieces of lamb stir fried with onion, green chilli pepper and spices.Here are some interesting facts about it:

  1. The process of "Bhuna Lamb" preparation is hidden in its name: in Urdu the word "bhuna" means "to be fried";
  2. Mint is one of the main ingredients of this dish;
  3. "Bhuna" style dishes are characterized by the use of dry sauce that clings to the every piece of the meat;
  4. The dish is no less popular than "Chicken Tikka", and it can be found in the menu of any Indian restaurant, Talk of the Town is not an exception;
  5. "Bhuna Lamb" has a bright rich taste, so usually it is served with simple rice or naan (traditional flatbread) as well as with whipped yogurt "raita" - for those who love a lot of sauce. 

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