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Table etiquette in India. 

Visiting an Indian restaurant for the first time, it makes you wonder about after-dinner traditions, which are accepted in India. It is believed that exotic countries have their own unusual rituals, and partly this is true!

First, let us speak a little about people: Indians are very hospitable and like to treat their guests with all the heart! According to an Indian saying, "the guest is God", so to refuse invitations or treats for no reason is considered quite offensive. However, it is alright to be late for a meeting for 15-20 minutes, and most likely, everyone will be surprised if you come in time.

Indian mealtime does not come immediately, so the table setting is left for later. Instead of the dishes the Indians start with drinks, both alcoholic or not. It is also worth noting that most of the dishes are served in shared dishes where everyone can get his or her portion. Typical dishes are rice, traditional cakes "chapatis", meat (if there are no vegetarians), vegetables, lentils, salads, yogurt and pickles. By the end of the meal, delicious desserts with tea or coffee are taken.

Despite that a lot of people use cutlery in India, a large number of the Indians still prefer to eat with hands. There is a perception that it is better to feel the real taste of the dishes, than when using spoon or fork. However, there are nuances: food is taken with the tips of fingers without putting them into mouth and, certainly without not licking, but also it is prohibited to eat with your left hand.

Another contradiction is about burping at the table. In some states of India, it serves as a demonstration of delicious food, and that guest enjoyed it.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that you can easily feel relaxed in the guests with the Indians, even if you feel that accidently you may prevent a faux pas, no one will pay attention to it and it will be immediately forgotten! 

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